The Perfect Vinyl Floors for Your Lifestyle

It's always a wise choice to upgrade your floors to a durable flooring solution, and now with the latest updates to vinyl floor engineering, you can have the high-end look of natural stone or hardwood, too! Here at The Floor Trader in Lawrence, Kansas, we deliver an unbeatable vinyl flooring collection that is built to withstand your busy household. 

No matter if you are looking for a contemporary white-washed oak in the living room or have your heart set on an Amalfi stone-look for the bathroom, The Floor Trader has you covered. Our flooring experts will take the time to explain the features and benefits of each vinyl floor, guiding you from selection to installation.

Types of Vinyl Explained

We have a broad range of vinyl designs to suit your needs when it comes to selecting the best vinyl flooring for your home or office. Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the introduction of sheet vinyl, and the luxury vinyl flooring industry is now thriving.

While sheet vinyl is available in rolls, luxury vinyl flooring comes in either tiles or planks. Rivaling natural hardwood's beauty, luxury vinyl planks are made from the same four layers of plastic that compose traditional vinyl. However, luxury vinyl flooring has a thicker wear layer that performs better with foot traffic and under humid conditions. 

Thanks to a click-and-lock system, luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, making it ideal for areas with high moisture content. You can now install the wood-look floor of your dreams in every room of the building, including the kitchen, basement, and bathrooms. Explore more about tile and plank options below:

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile adds a touch of charm and elegance to any space. When it comes to new floors, LVT offers a multitude of options for both residential and commercial property owners. Replicate the magnificent look of ceramic or porcelain with this comfy alternative, which is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-moisture areas. Our LVT is produced with an uncanny tile appearance, with depth and textures to convince even the most observant visitors. Easier to install than true ceramic tile, grouting is not required for LVT. While many people choose this choice for a porcelain, ceramic, or marble look, wood-look LVT is also available.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

As one of our most popular products, luxury vinyl plank is the ideal compromise for families that enjoy a hardwood floor but want desire more comfort and longevity. LVP has a softer feeling underfoot and can tolerate spills, heat, and foot traffic that can cause natural wood floors to warp. The top layer of LVP is formed utilizing advanced photographic technology, resulting in a stunning decorative layer that draws attention with authentic-looking whirls and grain patterns. Our LVP inventory contains everything from mahogany's rich crimson hues to the delicate, soft tones of birch and oak.

Browse Our Vinyl Selection

We carry many incredible vinyl looks and styles, including light wood-grain looks to Tuscany tiles. As a local flooring store and a part of The Floor Trader, we can offer you competitive rates on top-quality products so that you can explore your design dreams and stay on budget. 

Browse from some of the following industry-leading brands in our online catalog or showroom:

  • Mohawk
  • Shaw
  • DynaGuard H2O
  • Us Floors
  • Ridgeland
  • Baroque Flooring

Easy Vinyl Maintenance

We carry the top vinyl brands in the industry, known for their reliability under challenging stains and messes. With simple maintenance such as regular sweeps and vacuums, vinyl floors are easy to keep clean. Vinyl rarely scuffs or scratches, keeping a brand new appearance for years to come. It's a good idea to damp mop your vinyl now and then, but it's best to check your warranty before using any harsh cleaning chemicals, as these can damage the surface of your vinyl.

Vinyl Installation with Our Preferred Installers

Finding the perfect vinyl floors for your home is just the beginning of the story —once you've decided what floors to invest in, you want to ensure a successful installation. We will help you make arrangements for a successful vinyl installation with one of our trusted contractors. It's important to know that your floors will last, and hiring inexperienced installers or risking a do-it-yourself job can ultimately lead to flaws in your flooring. 

Our contractors from our Preferred Installer list are familiar with our brands and products, which means that they will perform an efficient and effective installation. Coming prepared with the best tools and resources to install vinyl floor coverings, our trusted contractors can help you avoid costly repair issues that may arise from amateur installation work. 

Contact us today to find your gorgeous new vinyl floors and begin living in style. We Proudly serve the communities of Lawrence, Eudora, Baldwin, and Ottawa, KS.